The Deep Blue by Charlotte Guillain and Lou Baker Smith

An utterly beautiful exploration of the earth’s majestic oceans!

This is a stunning new non-fiction picture book which holds a treasure trove of fascinating information and gorgeous images. The Deep Blue is perfect for a quick dip or an immersive dive into the wonders of the world of water!

There is so much to delight in throughout this brilliant book – here you can float past a marine meadow, explore the murky midnight zone, and even crash through a churning storm swell! You will learn about many wonderous creatures who make their home in the vastness of the marine space, habitats hidden beneath the waves.

Charlotte Guillain’s text is engaging and perfectly pitched to take the reader on a fascinating journey around the world of water. Each stunning page spread focusses on one animal or wildlife and gives an enchanting insight into their lives. Facts and information are woven seamlessly into a narrative moment. We particularly loved the manatees and their gentle lazy lunch among the mangroves along the coast of Florida in the USA. This gentle rhythmic story lapping like the waves on a quiet peaceful shore!

In contrast is the story of the sea swallows battling through the storm swell as a hurricane hurtles across the Southern Ocean causing massive swells of 30 metres and pummelling the sea’s surface with thunderous rain.

We loved seeing the contrasting habitats and experiences of the creatures and wildlife around the world through such vivid story-telling and illustration.

Lou Baker-Smith’s work here is totally absorbing and works perfectly with Guillain’s words. There are so many breath-taking images to enjoy and become immersed in. Particular favourites include the incredible coral polyp – curious creatures making their homes on the Caribbean shore!

This book really opened our eyes to the wonders of the underwater world – a beautiful springboard to learn and discover more about the incredible wildlife that inhabits our earth.

This brilliant book ends with a heart-felt plea from the author to raise awareness of the impact that the changes in the world’s climate is having on life in the oceans. There are tangible calls to action that children and families can practically act upon. I hope that readers will be inspired to learn more about the beauty found in the oceans and join the work to protect it.

The Deep Blue is a fascinating dive into the world of water and would be a fantastic addition to any school or home library. Readers of all ages will find something to enjoy among it’s pages, and the text will best suit children with a reading age of about 7 years.

The Deep Blue was published by QED Publishing on 15th June 2021.

You can get a copy of this book from Bookshop UK and support you local bookseller.

Thank you so much to the Quarto Books team for sending us a copy for our honest review.

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