Our Reviewing Policies



We are a family who love to read, particularly children’s books and reviewing for the blog is a hobby of ours. We do it to foster a love of reading and purposeful writing for our own children and because if we find some little nuggets of brilliance, we want to share it as widely as we can!

Many of the books we review on this site will be books we have bought ourselves or have borrowed from our local public library or friends.

Our children are 10 and 2 so many of the books we will be reviewing on this website will be aimed at primary school ages although as they grow their interests are bound to change. Having said that, even as a 38 year old, I too love a brilliant picture book!

Books will only be reviewed for the website if we genuinely think they are brilliant for a particular reason. It may that they are brilliant for a particular age-group, topic, issue, artistic value or any other reason the kids come up with!

We would be happy to hear from publishers, authors and book publicists and would consider receiving books to review for the website, but, only if they are brilliant!

We don’t stick to a particular time frame in our book reviewing as we are a busy family and fit reading and reviewing around the rest of all we do.

If you would like to contact us, you can by emailing without spaces;

this book is brilliant @ outlook (dot) com

Thanks for visiting!

Mike & Sarah